As creatures of habit, we often like to keep what we already know just, whether through trust or perhaps custom. Not looking beyond what we have always known limits our opportunities to find superior alternatives, and when it comes to tire brands, this is even more common. Visit this link to gain more ideas: yokohama geolandar a/t g015 review

Many of us purchased the same tire manufacturer for quite some time, we're left with a specific brand, because that is all we know. Enough time has come to have what your vehicle is really capable of when designed with a set of Yokohama tires.

Why choose Yokohama tires?

1. Champion products!

Few things prove the worthiness of something more than recognition by specialized means and awards,

Yokohama has many! We managed to keep for the 10th consecutive year as the sole brand imported one of the elected members of the Quatro Rodas magazine. The ADVAN Sport V105 tire was announced as the winner of the Wheels Magazine tire test in 2015. Furthermore, the same magazine also announced the Mazda MX-5 as its Car of the Year in 2016, that is designed with V105 tires at the factory. Yokohama ADVAN Sport.

2. Original equipment

Every year, more and more automakers choose Yokohama tires to equip their factory cars, usually the absolute most powerful, performance and refined cars, one of them are giants in the sector, such as for example Porsche, Lotus, Audi, Bentley, Mercedes- Benz, Nissan, Fiat, Chrysler, Honda, Lexus, Toyota, Volkswagen, among others. The trust put in our equipment is really a sign of reliability and safety.

3. Quality

Quality is undoubtedly the most important factor when selecting tires for the car. Yokohama guarantees, for every single tire produced, the very best quality using the advances in science and technology to mix natural and synthetic rubber with orange oil supplying a long-lasting and high-performance tire, consequently with greater safety for the driver.

4. Investment in innovation and new designs

As among the world's leading tire manufacturers, Yokohama is specialized in continuously improving the grade of our tires through high investments in technology and design. It even offers a team of highly qualified scientists and engineers, who go to great lengths to continuously produce innovative materials with designs offering maximum driving safety and performance.

5. Iconic and reliable brand

The very best recommendation is the one that arises from known sources, isn't it?

Referral from friends and specialized media is one of the very most influential factors when it comes to purchasing a new product. About to show 100 years old, Yokohama has acquired a higher profile, because it is always listed among the best manufacturers. It is globally recognized as a brandname that consistently produces powerful tires and, as such, has gained credibility as a safe and reliable tire manufacturer.

6. Wide selection of products

Yokohama tires are divided into a wide selection of sizes and uses, with specific tire technology which range from passenger car models to OTR, ideal for mining and quarrying.

Each tire was created with its end use as the focus to ensure it performs best for the purpose. If you'll need a new set of tires for your own personal or professional car, Yokohama has the most effective tire for you.

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