Dedicated to the care and wellbeing of degus worldwide.


Degu’s have a relatively low need for water and in the wild degu’s can go for up to 13 days without water. In captivity it is best to provide your degu’s with a fresh supply of water daily, twice a day in hot weather. It is best supplied via a water bottle. The water bottle needs to be kept clean at all times as any algae could pose a threat to your degu’s health. The rule is if its safe for you to drink it is safe for your degu, so if your tap water is safe then its ok to use if not use bottled water. There is a lot of controversy surrounding degu’s being prone to mouth infections and many experts saying to dechlorinate your water with bleach before giving it to them. I thoroughly advise against this as it is dangerous to put anything into your degu’s food or water especially something like bleach as it is easy to overdose. If your degu does have a problem then consult your veterinary surgeon who will advise you on the correct course of treatment. Here at Degu Rock we advise to only give good clean natural water.

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