Dedicated to the care and wellbeing of degus worldwide.

Veggies & Fresh Stuff

A healthy diet also includes some vegetables a few times each week. Although some degus aren’t over keen (it varies from degu to degu) and prefer them dried to fresh so you just have to try them. With any vegetable give in moderation especially any of the greens as they can cause bloat. A rule of thumb is to give a piece the size of your small finger nail. Here is a list of suitable ones to give them:

Asparagus Broccoli * Brussel Sprouts Butternut Squash Cabbage (Red, White & Savoy) * Celery Carrot

* Carrot tops Cauliflower Courgette * Cucumber Fresh Peas Green Beans* Leek * Mangetout

 Pasnip Pepper (Red & Green) Pumpkin Radishes Spinach Spring Onions (scallions) Sugar Snap Peas

Sweet potato (make sure you remove the skin first as it is extremely toxic to them) Tomatoes (including Cherry)

* Veggies marked with a star are suitable for drying in an oven an a low heat for a couple of hours.

Herbs that are suitable are Basil, Chives, Comfrey, Corriander, Lemon balm, Mint, Oregano and Parsley

Other fresh stuff.....

Small piece of apple or strawberry occasionally, fresh grass, dandelions, marigold flowers.

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