Dedicated to the care and wellbeing of degus worldwide.


Treats are a great way to create a strong bond with your degu. By giving a treat you create a positive emotional response and your degu will soon see you as a friend not a foe and will come whenever you go up to the cage to see if you come bearing gifts. They should only ever be given as treats and never in large amounts or on a regular basis. When I give treats I also tend to vary what they get and rotate it so they never get the same thing twice and never in the same week. I also always try to go for things that are free from preservatives and colourings Below is a list of suitable treats that the boys of Degu Rock love and an explanation of how often they should be fed.

Nuts & Seeds – Degu’s go mad for nuts and seeds and are greedy for them. Both of these should only be ever fed in small amounts and they both have high fat contents and if fed frequently can cause liver damage over time. Also large quantities of nuts can have a toxic effect of degu’s so always feed in small amounts. The rule of thumb is choose one of the below and give one per degu per week. Favourites include: Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Peanuts (unsalted), hazelnuts, walnuts, brazil nut and as a treat occasionally you can give in the shell (as it helps to grind their teeth down) whole peanut, whole hazelnuts, whole walnuts, whole brazil nuts.

Cereals – Cereals often contain carbohydrates, which are basically a sugar. In small amounts cereals are ok to feed and make great training aids. Favourites include: Puffed rice (wheat’s), bran flakes, shredded wheat’s, cornflakes and plain porridge oats. I mix in dried leaves with porridge oats as a tasty treat once a week.

Crackers & Bread – Degu’s go mad for things like toasted wholemeal bread, dry crisp breads, ryvita and wholemeal crackers. They tend to be full of fibre, which is good for degu’s and they also help wear the teeth down. Feed in moderation as with anything too much isn't good for them, just like humans.

Other Treats – Apart from the other categories listed above degu’s can also have the following but please remember they should only be given as treats: Raisins, dried carrot, dried peas, dried corn, dried rose hips, dried rose petals & buds, dried flowers, alfalfa biscuits, carrot biscuits, hay cubes, dandelions, dried nettle, dried strawberry leaves, dried raspberry leaves, dried blackberry leaves, dried hawthorne leaves, dried apple leaves, dried hazel leaves, a tiny cube of apple or honeydew melon no more than once a month.

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