Dedicated to the care and wellbeing of degus worldwide.

Degu's as Pets

Degus make fantastic pets and here is just a few of the reasons why:

They are relatively easy to keep and omit little to no smell.
They require no special diets apart from one low in sugar.
They are relatively easy to handle and are diurnal so they are up and about when you are.
For a small animal they live quite a long time with a life span between 5-10 years.
They are vocal and highly communicative, you haven't lived till you have had a conversation with a degu.
They love human company and bond to you their owner.
They are a lot of fun.
They are very nosey and like to know everything.
They are mischievous.
They are loyal.
They are very brave.
They are highly intelligent.
They have big personalities.
They do the cutest things.
They are agile for their size.

And above all when a degu is around life is never dull!!

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