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Degu home

In my personal opinion the best housing for a degu is a cage. Aquariums tend to be too small and don’t have enough height or space that is ideally required for a degu. They also are enclosed and have poor air flow so they can get dirty/smelly a lot quicker. The only pro for an aquarium home in my opinion is that they contain a lot of the mess that degus tend to kick out of their cage and provide a burrowing ground for the degu. But the pros for a cage outweigh the aquarium tenfold.
The cage should be as large as you can afford as this is going to be where your degu will spend the majority of its time. When choosing a cage take into account how much space you have? How many degus you intend to put in it? How often they will be allowed out for a run? Always choose a cage with a metal base as degus can and will chew through plastic in no time. You need to also make sure it is a secure cage as degus are extremely intelligent and can work out how to escape if given the chance. With cages with mesh shelves it is advisable to cover them with lino or something similar to prevent bumblefoot from over exposure to the bars.

The minimum size cage for two degus let out daily is around 70(h)x70(h)x44(w) cm. If you can’t let them out on a daily basis you would need to get a much larger cage. When choosing a cage always think what you would like if you was a degu. You wouldn’t want to be crammed into a tiny cage with no space to run around would you?

For some great home made cage photos click on this link... Homemade cage inspiration

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